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Terms Of Sale

Terms of Sales

(including our guarantee)

Our prices are given, Ex Works
1. Samples have to be prepaid, 100%
2. Orders, paid 30% down payment with the order of the costumer and 70% paid before shipment.Orders succeeded more than US$ 15.000, 50% down payment and 50% paid before shipment.
3. Prices are given in US$
4. Delivery time:

Samples – no OEM / ODM products – maximum up to 7 working days.Orders for known products, 4 weeks (20 working days).Any given order, Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd will send an order confirmation – every time.

Chinese Holidays may extend the delivery time.  Especially Chinese New Year (CNY) / Spring Festival, which normally take place in February.  Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd. will always inform upfront – in good time – when to place orders, in order to get them shipped out before CNY.
5. Payment can be done like this:
5.1. Pay to our Paypal account:
Account no.: You must add 5% in fees
5.2. Pay T/T to our Bank:

Beneficiary Bank: HSBC, Hong Kong
Bank address: 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Swift address: HSBCHKHHHKH
Beneficiary: Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd
Account no.: 819680042838
Bank fees: 30 US$ will be added
5.3. Using Western Union
6. Papers related to your Inquiry / Order:

We will send you an Offer / Quotation

We will send you an Order Confirmation based on your order

We will send you an invoice

We will send you tracking code, if your order is sent by air/courier

We – always – send out a QC report with each order
7. Shipment:


We use forwarder of costumer

We use our UPS account for guarantee the delivery time – higher cost.

We use broker, to save cost but leadtime can be longer if we use UPS, directly.


We use costumers transport forwarder

We use Dachser, when we are in charge of transport
Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd (SELC) guarantee 24 months from production date unless otherwise is state in order confirmation.
Any claims must be forwarded in an email to your daily contact person, with description of the fault,, if different faults, then clearly specify each fault and the quantity for each fault.
SELC prefer to have photos as well, of the claimed product(s), please send to your daily contact person at SELC.
8.3. Based on the description of the fault combined with photos, SELC may ask for you to return the faulty product(s) for further investigation. This is done in order to prevent similar faults to happen again.The return cost, is our responsibility.
8.4. Once the fault is accepted by us, SELC will provide a replacement, free of charge with the next order, from the costumer in question – and the warranty period is not overdue.
9. Delay in Shipment.
Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd.'s (SELC) order confirmation is valid, when it is issued.
SELC will not be liable or in breach of agreement for delivery within a reasonable time following the dates provided.
In the event of a delay in shipment, SELC will send notification.
SELC is not liable for delays in delivery or performance resulting from incorrectly provided information. Nor is SELC liable for delays caused by circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control.
10. Packaging:
Very strong reliable packaging is been used to secure the products to arrive at costumer, safely.

Always pack like this:

Prices are given based on neutral white inner boxes and neutral brown master box
Customized packaging can be provided, just ask your contact person at Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd. for an offer
11. Production date on all our products.
This production date is laser printed on the product itself, visible, on all our products
12. General remarks:
12.1. Orders are started once Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd (SELC) has received the fully agreed amount in our account, which means SELC has no liability if the financial institution refuses to accept the transaction for any reason.
12.2 Return policy is as follows:

Once accepted by SELC, the costumer can send back the products and add a copy of our original invoice.

The products must be in flawless packaging condition, once the parcel arrive here – otherwise the repackaging will be on the expense of the costumer in question.


The price reduction is minimum 20% - of the original price. However if the price for the product in question has been lowered by SELC since the original buy, the new price will be used for the calculation for the amount which have to be sent to the costumer in question.

The return cost is paid 100% by the costumer in question
12.3. Costumer, who buy from Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd. (SELC) has accepted our terms of Sales.The terms can only be altered by a signed contract between the costumer in question and SELC or in email form our Sales to the costumer in question.
12.4. Limitation of liability
Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd. (SELC) is not responsible or liable for any form of direct, punitive, special, incidental, consequential or any indirect damages of any kind or type whether such damages are based in a claim or tort, warranty, contract, strict liability or other causes of action, arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with any SELC's product or its use.
12.5 Indemnifications
Any of Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd.'s (SELC) costumers agree to indemnify, defend and hold SELC and it employees/owner harmless from any claims, damage, cost and expenses (including – but not limited to -attorney's fee, arising from or related to the misuse of SELC's products.
12.6 Policy modifications and amendments.
Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd. Reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time. Updates will be posted on this website.Changes will be effective immediately upon their posting.Online modifications and amendments supersede any printed version/copy of these policies, terms and conditions.