The index measuring the chromatic yield of light sources in samples demonstrates the sources the source’s ability to reproduce the color of the of the object it illuminates

This index measures the difference between how objects appear chromatically when they are illuminated by the source, and how they appear when illuminated by light from black body with roughly the same color temperature. Therefore, the smaller the difference, the better the chromatic yield of the source, and as a result, the larger the index value. We can surmise that for thermal radiators at a continuous spectrum, meaning filament lamps, the Color Rendering Index (CRI) would equal 100%. We record the emission spectrum of the black body according to the constant provided by Planck and other physicists, which states that with the increase in the temperature of the black body, the total light emitted per second increases, and the length of the shadow and the top of the spectrum moves towards the blue color section.