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Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct of Shenzhen Everest Lighting Co. Ltd,and it's suppliers.
→named SELC in the following



General Legal Requirements

SELC requirements specified herein and Seller's undertakings in respect thereof may go beyond the requirements of the local, national and international laws, regulations and provisions and Seller undertakes to inform all concerned employees and sub-suppliers about the content of SELC Working and Social Environment; Child Labour; and Environment Requirements and ensure that they comply with these terms and conditions.


SELC Working and Social Environment Requirements

Seller undertakes to ensure that appropriate measures are taken in order to provide a safe and healthy environment by minimising hazards at their source. in particular but not limited to, by utilising a proper design, location and maintenance of production facilities as well as production equipment in order to ensure an acceptable level of noise, appropriate lighting and ventilation as well as adequate sanitary facilities and access to clean drinking water. The production facilities shall be designed to enable evacuation in emergency situations and be equipped with first aid and personal protection equipment of appropriate kind and extent. Workers shall regularly be trained in handling emergency situations.

Seller shall prevent harmful physical or mental stress due to conditions of work andcorporal punishment, unlawful discrimination, harassment or any other form of physical or psychological coercion on any employee is strictly prohibited.

Seller shall ensure that forced or bonded labour is not used in Sellers or sub-suppliersoperations.

Seller shall ensure that employees and other workers are not prevented from associating freely with any workers' association, collective bargaining association or other group of their choosing, and that at least minimum wage according to applicable legislation or local industry standard compensation is paid. Seller shall further compensate employees for overtime worked and ensure that the overtime required does not exceed applicable standards.

If a Seller provides housing facilities, such housing facilities shall be designed to provide reasonable privacy, quietness, appropriate lightning and ventilation as well as adequate sanitary facilities and be equipped with sufficient evacuation possibilities and basic fire fighting equipment. Employees must be provided with their own individual bed or sleeping mattress as well as private storage capacity for personal effects.

Seller may not impose restrictions on the free movement of employees during time off, other than reasonable limitations imposed for the safety and comfort of the employees.


SELC’s Child Labour Requirements

Seller hereby recognise the right of the Child to be protected from economic exploitationand from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the Child's education or to be harmful to the Child's health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 32.1. and to act in accordance with the best interests of the Child in all Sellers activities.

In this appendix, the word "Child" is defined as a person younger than fifteen (15) years of age or, as an exception, fourteen (14) years of age in countries covered by article 2.4 in the International Labour Organisation Convention No. 138. Seller hereby recognize that the minimum age for admission to any type of employment or work which by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out is likely to jeopardize the health, safety or moral of young persons shall not be less than eighteen (18) years.


SELC's Environment Requirements

Seller undertakes to identify all relevant national and international legislation concerningSeller's and any sub-supplier's operation, and communicate such information to SELC uponrequest from SELC.

Seller undertakes to clearly identify hazardous waste, chemicals and heavy metals and ensure that such substances are handled, stored and disposed of safely and properly in accordance with instructions from the manufacturer of such substances, as well as applicable laws and regulations. Should local legislation and/or systems for the safe disposal of the identified hazardous materials not exist, Seller ensures that such substances will not be handled, stored or disposed of in a way that may pollute the environment or constitute a health risk to employees or the community.

Seller undertakes to ensure that appropriate measures are taken in order to eliminate hazardsat their source, in particular, but not limited to, by utilizing a proper design, location and maintenance of production facilities as well as production equipment.

Seller shall strive to minimize its waste and emissions to air, ground and water.



Seller shall effectively communicate and ensure that all measures required herein areimplemented accordingly, including at any sub-suppliers and including, but not limited tothe importance of using correct and appropriate protection against personal injury.

If Seller does not implement and adhere to the requirements contained herein, this will constitute a material breach of this commitment, and SELC may at its sole discretion and without any compensation to Seller, immediately terminate all existing agreements with Seller, and cancel any existing orders.