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When people see condensation on the inside of their light, they may initially think that the product is defective. The truth is that all headlights experience some degree of condensation because moisture exists inside the light—in the air that’s sealed inside, in the plastic components, etc.

When the air inside the light warms up, moisture will collect on the coolest surface (typically the inside of the outer lens) and manifest itself as small droplets of water or fog. Typically this moisture will evaporate and disappear within 30-60 minutes. Because this is a natural process that can impact all lights, condensation is not considered a manufacturing defect, and is not covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

The example to the right shows:
Small amounts of moisture/fog
Evaporates in 30-60 minutes

Water Ingress
Water ingress, on the other hand, is a completely different issue. Water ingress describes water making its way into the light from outside, and typically indicates the presence of a sealing defect.
You can identify water ingress by looking for large droplets of water or pooling of water inside the headlight that doesn’t go away over time.
If a light suffers from water ingress as the result of physical abuse and/or misuse, it would not constitute a manufacturing defect. Please note that proper use requires that factory-issued connectors are installed and correctly positioned. If you experience water ingress as the result of proper use, please contact your contact person art SELC.

The example to the right shows:
Large droplets or pools of water
Does not evaporate, indicative of a leak